Welcome to [community profile] newslettering, a community for all things related to newsletters -- fannish or not, automated or not, on Dreamwidth or elsewhere. You do not have to be a newsletter editor or volunteer to participate, but we especially encourage current and past editors as well as anyone who is interested in starting a newsletter to use [community profile] newslettering as a resource. We welcome posts asking for newslettering advice or troubleshooting, discussions on the logistics of running a newsletter and the selection of its policies and guides on how to make newslettering more effective and automated. Essentially, we welcome any posts related to newslettering.

Occasionally, [personal profile] murklins and [personal profile] wistfuljane will host an open thread, either on a specific topic relating to newslettering or simply a free-for-all, to facilitate discussions.

Posting rights are accorded to all members and comments are encouraged; however, we reserve the right to delete posts and moderate discussions in order to ensure respectfulness.

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