mamoru: Merlin and Arthur smiling (Default)
mamoru ([personal profile] mamoru) wrote in [community profile] newslettering 2009-05-17 02:56 pm (UTC)

So yeah, we've been using the third method you've mentioned above for the [community profile] bbc_merlin_news Newsletter and its working great. It is a bit more effort because you'll need to post three times but with the help of something like semagic it is fairly easy.

We ran into the problem that some of our editors don't really want a dreamwidth account but we've just given full access to our reading journal which they can use to post.

I do have to say that dreamwidth is great about the crossposting, but if we could actually crosspost on communities it would make life a lot easier.

And not just for newsletters but also for any other comms. Oh well, there is still hope we'll get it one day. *g*

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