I knew there was a place I forgot to crosspost to! Last week, when Delicious suddenly lost all basic functionality, I posted in my journal about contacting me if you have a newsletter script that pulls from Delicious and you want to move your bookmarks to a different site, like Pinboard. In that post I say something like "if I wrote you a newsletter script and it's not operational, get in touch with me so I can help" but really, it doesn't matter to me who wrote your script. If you use a script to generate your newsletter and it no longer works because of recent Delicious changes, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.
There's some bad news for newsletters who used delicious.com automated script for generating newsletter issues [eta: or just used delicious.com for general organization/archiving purposes]:
I don't know how many of you still read this comm, but I'll post anyway! On Tuesday Yahoo laid off the entire Delicious team and today it announced at a company all-hands meeting that it will be "sunsetting" Delicious [eta: smaller version of the screencap], aka shutting it down, although there are no details yet on when or how, from any of my sources inside Yahoo. It could be months or years - although they'll almost certainly announce it ahead of time (at some point), like Geocities.

- Goddamnit, [livejournal.com profile] dreamyshade aka Britta from delicious.com
And from TechCrunch: Is Yahoo Shutting Down Del.icio.us? [Update: Yes].

Although the closing of delicious.com may be a long time off, I think there's currently limited alternatives to delicious.com in terms of being able to generate links into a customized format. I don't know, what are your thoughts on the feasibility of Diigo, AO3's bookmarks feature and other alternatives? [personal profile] bluemeridian has a related discussion on this here [eta: there's also a links roundup there].

Addendum: [personal profile] renay discussed here about the would-be impact of delicious.com closing on [community profile] ff_press, the Final Fantasy newsletter, and possible alternatives to delicious.com.

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