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Jane ([personal profile] wistfuljane) wrote in [community profile] newslettering2009-12-18 11:44 am

Hiatus and Holidays

Hello - it's been awhile since [community profile] newslettering has hosted an open thread (such as it is)!

[personal profile] murklins and I are editors for [livejournal.com profile] dotcoms_refresh, a Bandom newsletter, and this year, due to scheduling craziness, the newsletter will be on hiatus for a week long period next week. It'll be the first time that [livejournal.com profile] dotcoms_refresh has gone on a break and we're quite anxious about it.

That brings today's topic: hiatus and holidays!

Has your newsletter ever gone on a hiatus? Will it this year? What were the reasons for the break and how long was it? How do you deal with the missed links? Let us know your blueprint for the perfect newslettering break!

If your newsletter doesn't go on break during the winter holiday season and your newsletter is fanwork-centric, how do you deal with the busy season? When most of fandom is busy with holiday exchanges and challenges and RL for most editors is hectic? Let us know how you deal with holiday craziness!

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