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Jane ([personal profile] wistfuljane) wrote in [community profile] newslettering2009-06-16 05:49 pm

The answer of whether to cut or uncut newsletter issues

One of the hotbutton issues for newsletters is whether to cut or uncut newslettter issues, especially when they are long. [community profile] the_dw_herald recently came up with a possible solution: Display Options.

So, I guess, the idea is to create a CSS class for your newsletter like:
<div class="newslettercommunity-content"> [body of newsletter issue a.k.a. the content] </div>
And have your readers add a code in their journal's custom CSS to hide the body of your newsletter issues if they prefer their newsletter cut:
.newslettercommunity-content {
display: none !important;
How very cool! Anyone thinking of possibly testing this out? And how many are thinking of creating a sub-CSS class for each newsletter categories, e.g. Fiction, News, etc., and have their readers customize what they would like to be see for the newsletter? Just me then?

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